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Coaching Packages

Existing clients can save money by purchasing a package for 4 coaching sessions at a time

Choose Your Package

Purchase a month's worth of sessions at a discounted rate

  • Adulting | 1 Month

    Save $40 on 4-session package of adult coaching
    • 4 Sessions of Adulting Coaching
  • Student | 1 Month

    Save $40 on 4-session package of student + family coaching
    • 4 Sessions of Student + Family Coaching

* Please note: Coaching packages apply only to follow-up coaching sessions and exclude initial intake and annual review sessions. They are only available for existing clients who have already had their first intake appointment. Initial/annual intake session rates are $130 for adulting coaching and $160 for student + family coaching (these rates include comprehensive initial assessments of executive functioning, skills profile, life domains inventory, and individualized treatment planning). *

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