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Executive Function + ADHD Coaching
Mental Health Counseling

Available Online

Adulting Coaching Sessions

Transform your life from chaotic to crafty

  • 50 minutes
  • From 100 US dollars
  • Virtual/Online

Service Description

Adulting coaching sessions are geared towards adults (young adults and college students included) who may have ADHD (formerly ADD), may consider themselves neurodivergent, or may just be overwhelmed by life's demands due to executive dysfunction. (Note: No diagnosis or label is required and these services can be beneficial to all). Coaching services are provided online via (secure HIPAA-compliant video platform), minimizing logistical issues and allowing your coach to work with you in your own natural environment. Sessions are usually 50 minutes and typically scheduled once a week, but can be increased or decreased in frequency as needed. You can pay-as-you go with payment due for each session by the time of the appointment--or you can enroll in a membership plan or purchase a monthly package. Monthly plans include 4 weekly sessions at a discounted rate and are given priority in booking appointment slots in advance. All of our pricing options include the following services: - Text and/or email support available between sessions if needed (to address questions, clarify tasks, give reminders, offer encouragement, and provide accountability to keep you on track) - Initial assessment of executive functions--to evaluate personal approach, strengths, areas of need, and how they manifest in your daily life - Tailored strategies and interventions, including dedicated time for and active guidance in the design and creation of tools/visuals (e.g. work/household schedules, personalized planners, goal/task tracking, organizational systems, workspace maintenance, etc.) - Psychoeducation re: helpful topics, strategies, executive functioning skills, etc. - Access to online database of resources to reinforce learning (helpful handouts re: executive functions, therapeutic strategies, informational websites, media, and articles) - Gamification! Increased accountability and success through the use of our interactive online program to complement sessions. Online programs are developed specifically for each client--summarizing their coaching session highlights, tracking specific goals, listing follow-up tasks, allowing space for reflection, and even earning virtual achievement badges for accomplishing challenges! - All-in-one, convenient online client portal--sign into your account on our website or download the Spaces by Wix app and you'll have be able to view your scheduled sessions, access online programs, send a message to your coach, and more!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us directly at least 24 hours in advance. Appointments no-showed, cancelled, or rescheduled with less than a full 24 hours' notice will be subject to the $60 No Show/Late Cancellation Fee, which must be paid in full prior to re-engaging in services. Also note: Required notice is for a FULL 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment, not just any time the day before. For example, canceling at 5pm the night before an appointment scheduled for 10am the next morning is not considered a full 24 hours' notice even though it was technically the day before. Having sufficient notice enables us to have enough time to rearrange our schedules and childcare, or offer your spot to a different client who needs it.

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